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Daschielle Louis is a Haitian American poet, writer, and graphic artist from South Florida: her work uses magical realism to examine blackness, womanhood, Haitian culture and migration. Daschielle’s poetry and short stories have appeared in spaces such as Token Magazine, Juked, Linden Avenue Literary Journal, Moko Magazine, Panku Literary and Arts Magazine, Rise Up Review, Transition Magazine at The Hutchins Center, Vagabond City Lit, and Wusgood Magazine. Daschielle is a reader at Winter Tangerine and Linden Avenue Literary Journal, and currently serves as the current Art Editor and incoming Editor in Chief of Sycamore Review. Her graphic design and artisanal work is housed on her website studiodaschielle.com, and her office hours are in Heavilon at Purdue University as she pursues her MFA in Fiction.

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Lève Cècilia by Daschielle Louis

Cècilia is a thrift store pocket picker; most days finding lint, old receipts, and the occasional used napkin. One day she finds something that could change everything. But will it be worth it?

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